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You spent a lot of time creating amazing motion graphics templates, let us worry about marketing, customer support and piracy. is unique compared to other marketplaces because users don't buy your After Effects templates, they buy finished a video. This means your templates will never end up on piracy websites again.

Another amazing fact is that you as an author won't ever have to deal with customer support, no more boring emails and tiny updates for free!

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Questions and answers about the author program
How can I become a Videobolt Author?
In order to become an author, we must check out at least three videos of your templates. Go to Submit page and send three MP4s showcasing the templates you would like to sell on our marketplace.
If your templates are accepted by our review team, you will be approved as an author and allowed to freely submit templates for review.
How long does it take to review my template(s)?
It can take from one hour to a week but usually, it takes about seven days for a reviewer to approve or reject your submissions.
How much can I earn on Videobolt?
Videobolt is a growing marketplace with a very high demand for video content. If you regularly submit high quality templates, four figure monthly earnings are not unusual.
My application was rejected, what did I do wrong?
Our templates don't have to be cutting edge but they have to meet a certain standard of quality. There's no hard and fast rules that defines when a template meets our standards, rather it's up to our reviewers (motion designers themselves) to discern quality templates. Templates can seem simple but if they have intricate animations, or great compositing they will be accepted. If you are just starting with After Effects it's likely you'll get some templates rejected. That's okay though, you can find many helpful videos on our Discord and also chat directly with senior designers to improve your skills and try again.
How and when do I get paid?
Ideally you'd get paid via PayPal or Payoneer, but if that's not an option for any reason, please let us know and we'll look to find another way.
The funds are withdrawn on the first day of every month and wired on the 15th of the same month, provided your sales exceed $50.