Videobolt Companion

Expand your workflow with our dedicated Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro extension
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Your video editing companion

Instant access to Videobolt videos
Instantly access your videos from inside the software you’re already using. Our Adobe extension brings Videobolt and the videos you've created directly into your editing sequence. Stay focused on your work and have our library at your fingertips.
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Cloud Sync

Every video you produce with Videobolt will instantly appear in the extension, waiting to be imported into your current project. Never leave your editing environment with immediate access to all the assets you need.

High-quality encoding

You can enjoy the crisp, unrivaled fidelity of ProRes, a high-quality video codec developed by Apple for post-production and broadcast environments. Business Unlimited subscribers can download videos at the highest possible quality, ideal for use with the Adobe video editing suite.
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Install Videobolt Companion

Download the extension and add it to your Adobe software.
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