Understand our plans

This brief guide will help you understand the different features of our subscription plans and how they affect your video output.
Which video format do I need?
When saving video data to a file there are two main differentiators — the container and codec. Containers are simple standards that determine the type of file your video will be saved as — e.g. MP4 or MOV. They also determine the upper limits of compatibility, such as where the file can be played or if it supports certain features like transparency.
Codecs are more complex standards that determine how the stored video data is to be interpreted. Codecs determine the size, quality and performance of your video file. The highest quality that we support is ProRes 4444 which is nearly lossless video perfect for use in video editing and high-end productions.
FreeMP4 (h264)
Lite UnlimitedMP4 (h264) - WEBM - MOV (Transparent)
Pro UnlimitedMP4 (h264) - WEBM - MOV (Transparent)
Business UnlimitedMP4 (h264) - WEBM - MOV (ProRes 4444)
* ProRes 4444 can be rendered for videos up to 1 minute.
* The distinction between MOV (Transparent) and MOV (PRORES 4444) lies in their format and quality. While MOV (Transparent) is a WEBM file converted to MOV for easier video editing, MOV (PRORES 4444) offers near-lossless video quality.
MP4 (h264) vs MOV (PRORES 4444)
Footage exposed up so you can clearly see the detail between the codecs
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